Commit ac964c7e authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler

config for UK Dell boxes

parent 95f0f777
# smux is a way of exporting route info via SNMP.
# You can turn it on if you have an SNMP daemon running.
smux off;
# no RIP routing
rip off;
# There be magic in here.
# Backbone contains the control network and is marked passive to avoid
# sending any OSPF traffic out on it.
# The other area is all the experimental interfaces. They have priority=1
# cuz that is what makes it work. Without that, info was not exchanged.
# I saw the priority setting in examples and just did it.
ospf on {
backbone {
interface xl0 { passive; };
area {
authtype none;
interface dc0 { priority 1; };
interface dc1 { priority 1; };
interface dc2 { priority 1; };
interface dc3 { priority 1; };
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