Commit 9b8e4f56 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor change to grep pattern for log directory; add .vtop

parent bf20b3e5
......@@ -2741,7 +2741,7 @@ sub CleanLogFiles($)
if ($file =~ /^.*\.ns$/);
push(@delete, "${workdir}/$1")
if ($file =~ /^(.*\.(log|ptop|top|assign|soln|xml|limits))$/);
if ($file =~ /^(.*\.(log|ptop|top|vtop|assign|soln|xml|limits))$/);
push(@delete, "${workdir}/$1")
if ($file =~ /^((swap|start|cancel|newrun).*\..*)$/);
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