Commit 972a7841 authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig

Informal description of new format for libnetmon

parent 424a6d9e
Line format 3 for libnetmon:
<Command>: <Key> <Timestamp> <Value>
<Command> describes the kind of connection
<Key> is a unique key for the connection
<Timestamp> is a decimal number representing absolute time
<Value> is a command-dependent string
Possible commands and their values:
New (no value)
Protocol (value is 'TCP' or 'UDP')
DestIP (value is a dotted quadruplet describing destination IP address)
RemotePort (value is a number representing the remote port of the connection)
LocalPort (value is a number representing the local port of the connection)
Connected (no value)
Write (value is the size of the write or sendto)
Closed (no value)
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