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Testbed "bootblock" manipulator

parent 374ed0aa
CFLAGS += -I. -g
LDFLAGS += -lz
tbbootconfig: tbbootconfig.c
rm tbbootconfig
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* Copyright (c) 2000-2002 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
* All rights reserved.
#include <netinet/in.h>
* This structure is placed in the boot block. The loader reads the
* structure to determine whether it should boot from CDROM or switch
* to the disk.
* The basic idea is this:
* 1. The node always boots from the CD-ROM (first in boot chain).
* 2. The loader looks for this magic structure:
* 2a: If not present continues to load from the CD-ROM (step 4).
* 2b: If present check the contents of the structure. If directed to
* boot from the disk goto step 3. If not, continues to load from
* the CDROM (step 4).
* 3. Boot from the disk. Switch the boot device to the disk so that the
* kernel is loaded from the disk. Also reset the flag (written to disk)
* to indicate that next reboot should happen from the CDROM. Also set
* another flag, cleared by the kernel, that indicates the kernel booted
* okay. This avoids reboot loops in the case of a scrogged disk.
* 4. Boot from the CD-ROM. The user level code on the CD-ROM will take care
* of the rest, writing the proper flags to the structure on the disk.
* Normally, this means checking in with Emulab, and then setting the flag
* to cause it to boot from the disk.
* This entire structure has to be less than a sector.
#define SECSIZE 512
typedef struct tbboot_header
unsigned long magic1;
short version;
* Set bootfromdisk to 1 to force loader to boot from disk.
char bootfromdisk;
* Set bootfromcdrom to 0 when booting from the disk. The kernel
* will set this to 1. If the cdrom boots with bootfromdisk 0
* and bootfromcdrom 0, something went wrong and the kernel did not
* boot properly. Avoids a loop.
char bootfromcdrom;
* Flag to indicate the image is valid. Clear this when writing
* a new image, and set it when done.
char validimage;
* Flag to indicate the system config block is valid (has info).
char validconfig;
* crc32 from the zlib library.
unsigned long checksum;
/* Paranoia */
unsigned long magic2;
* The emulab key.
char emulabkey[TBBOOT_MAXKEYLEN];
* System configuration.
struct {
char interface[TBBOOT_MAXIFACELEN];
char hostname[TBBOOT_MAXHOSTLEN];
struct in_addr IP;
struct in_addr netmask;
struct in_addr nameserver;
struct in_addr gateway;
} sysconfig;
} tbboot_t;
/* Magic value identifying the header. */
#define TBBOOT_MAGIC1 0x9badbeef
#define TBBOOT_MAGIC2 0x69ceafd8
/* Current Version */
#define TBBOOT_VERSION 100
* Offset from start of the disk. Hardwired to sector 60 which should be
* clear on our images.
#define TBBOOT_SECTOR 60
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