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Pull in text from Jay's SIGCOMM flyer.

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......@@ -18,20 +18,33 @@ WRITESUBMENUBUTTON("View Installation Instructions", "cdrominstallhelp.php");
WRITESUBMENUBUTTON("Download the latest CD image", "cdromdownload.php");
echo "<blockquote><b><br>
echo "<h3 align=center>
Welcome to the CDROM installation page!
echo "<br>
If you have a Netbed CDROM and would like to install it on a machine on
your network, you will need a <a href=cdromnewkey.php>key</a>.
When loaded onto a PC outside your firewall, the Netbed CDROM will cause
that machine to <b>join the <em>Netbed</em> open testbed</b>. Doing so
will contribute to a shared infrastructure for the network and
distributed systems research community. Non-root ssh access to these
machines for research purposes is granted to any authenticated researcher
and their students who have a valid need. Accounts and machines are
tightly managed via the central facility at <a href=\"\"></a>. The target domains include any research areas that need
geographically distributed sites, such as overlay networks and Internet
<b>If you have a Netbed CDROM</b> and would like to install it on a machine on
your network, you will need a <a href=cdromnewkey.php>key</a>. (If you
don't have a Netbed CDROM, you can <a href=\"cdromdownload.php\">download
an image</a> and burn it to a CD.)
This key will allow you to install the CD, and to join's widearea testbed. By joining the testbed, you are allowing
other researchers to use your machine.
You should also read the <a href=cdrominstallhelp.php>installation
instructions</a> so you know what to expect during the installation.
......@@ -42,6 +55,24 @@ echo "<br>
hard disk</font> and install <a>FreeBSD 4.6</a>
on it.
The Netbed installation CDROM will <b>wipe your hard disk</b> and install
<a href=\"\">FreeBSD</a> 4.6 on the
boot disk. This version of FreeBSD is standard in most respects, but
includes software that lets it reliably participate in the wide-area
testbed. Features include:
<li>An always-boot-first-from-CD process that provides robust
recovery from catastrophic node failure.</li>
<li>Authenticated remotely-initiated low-level reboot.
<li>Secure, automatic software installation and upgrade.
<li>Installation from files cached on the CDROM, or from files
downloaded from Netbed's web site.</li>
<li>Soon: support for Linux; site-specific bandwidth-limiting.</li>
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ require("defs.php3");
PAGEHEADER("Download the latest CD image");
If you have a CD-RW drive you can burn your own installation disk.<br>
If you have a CD-R drive you can burn your own installation disk.<br>
The latest CD image is <a href=/images/netbed-0.1.iso>netbed-0.1.iso</a>.
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