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New BUGS list. Simple format.

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*** cvsupd. - Sep 17 2001 - Needs to be fixed
The old version of cvsupd had the billenium bug, whereby number of
seconds since the epoc is greater than 1billion, and thus breaking
cvsupd. Upgrading was a disaster on Linux. It appears the new version
was trashing the boot block in Linux, and so nodes were not booting
after a cvsupd run.
*** mountd/exports - Sep 17 2001 - Needs to be fixed
Reported by Matt on Sep 17 2001, but actually a known bug with the
exports_setup script and the current mountd/kernel impl, which wipes
out all mounts before installing the new set. This causes transient
failures in NFS access from the testbed nodes since the mounts become
momentarily invalid.
*** Batch Mode Nots - Sep 18 2001 - Needs to be fixed
Reported by Mike.
Nit: experiment create date in Experiment Info "header" is not set.
Is this field meaningless or just not filled in correctly?
Nit: there are two "header" tables shown
I assume this is bacause the batch code prints out a header and then calls
the regular experiment info script to do the rest. Anyway, the second table
is missing lots of date info as well.
Nit: web page for expr takes forever to show the nodes that were allocated.
For a regular experiment, the allocated nodes show up almost immediately,
presumably as soon as assign is done. For a batch experiment, it seems to
take minutes. I can go out and look at assign.log and see that nodes have
been assigned almost right away, they just doesn't wind up in the report
(the DB?) for awhile.
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