Commit 71c7861e authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Add comment about shortcoming of LILO relocation mode: it does not rewrite

the embedded BIOS disk number in sector addresses.  So you still cannot
create an image on disk 0 and load it on disk 1.
parent 495f1891
......@@ -1469,6 +1469,16 @@ reloc_bsdlabel(struct disklabel *label, int reloctype)
#include "extfs/lilo.h"
* Relocate a LILO sector address. The address has been made relative
* to the partition start so we need to add back the current partition
* offset.
* XXX we still need to update the device portion of the sector to plug in
* the appropriate BIOS device number for the drive we are being loaded on.
* Either the user will have to specify that explicitly, or imageunzip will
* have to get it from the OS or figure it out itself.
static void
reloc_lilo(void *addr, int reloctype, uint32_t size)
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