Commit 61db3e39 authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack
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Bah, I can't seem to write correct makefiles anymore...

parent 0ee1bbb9
......@@ -66,19 +66,19 @@ DEPS = \
local-agent.h node-agent.h rpc.h simulator-agent.h timeline-agent.h \
queue.o: $(DEPS)
listNode.o: $(DEPS)
error-record.o: $(DEPS)
local-agent.o: $(DEPS)
group-agent.o: $(DEPS)
simulator-agent.o: $(DEPS)
node-agent.o: $(DEPS)
event-sched_rpc.o: $(DEPS)
queue.o: queue.c $(DEPS)
listNode.o: listNode.c $(DEPS)
error-record.o: error-record.c $(DEPS)
local-agent.o: local-agent.c $(DEPS)
group-agent.o: group-agent.c $(DEPS)
simulator-agent.o: $(DEPS)
node-agent.o: $(DEPS)
event-sched_rpc.o: event-sched.c $(DEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -DRPC -c -o $@ $<
rpc.o: rpc.h event-sched.h
rrpc.o: $(DEPS)
rrpc.o: $(DEPS)
$(CXX) -g $(CXXFLAGS) -DSSLRPC $(ULXRINC) -c -o rrpc.o $<
install: event-sched_rrpc
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