Commit 494c0610 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Allow for the vnode in the virt_agents entries to be a "wildcard"

(okay, a "*") in which case it means to not insert a specific node_id
into the event, but rather leave it to the subscribers to specify
what they need (in the case of the delay agent pid/eid/lan/lan-vnode.
The new assign_wrapper inserts these entries like this. Old stuff will
continue to work of course.
parent 9710809d
* Copyright (c) 2000-2002 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
* Copyright (c) 2000-2003 University of Utah and the Flux Group.
* All rights reserved.
......@@ -357,16 +357,40 @@ get_static_events(event_handle_t handle)
while (nrows--) {
row = mysql_fetch_row(res);
if (!row[0] || !row[1] || !row[2] || !row[3])
if (!row[0] || !row[1] || !row[3])
strcpy(agents[numagents].objname, row[0]);
strcpy(agents[numagents].vnode, row[1]);
strcpy(agents[numagents].nodeid, row[2]);
strcpy(agents[numagents].objtype, row[3]);
if (! mydb_nodeidtoip(row[2], agents[numagents].ipaddr))
* Look for a wildcard in the vnode slot. As a result
* the node_id will come back null from the reserved
* table.
if (strcmp("*", row[1])) {
if (! row[2]) {
error("No node_id for vnode %s", row[1]);
strcpy(agents[numagents].nodeid, row[2]);
if (! mydb_nodeidtoip(row[2],
agents[numagents].ipaddr)) {
error("No ipaddr for node_id %s", row[2]);
else {
* Force events to all nodes. The agents will
* need to discriminate on stuff inside the event.
strcpy(agents[numagents].nodeid, ADDRESSTUPLE_ALL);
strcpy(agents[numagents].ipaddr, ADDRESSTUPLE_ALL);
if (numagents >= MAXAGENTS) {
fatal("Too many agents!");
......@@ -389,7 +413,7 @@ get_static_events(event_handle_t handle)
* Now get the eventlist. There should be entries in the
* agents table for anything we find in the list.
res = mydb_query("select ex.idx,ex.time,ex.vnode,ex.vname,"
res = mydb_query("select ex.idx,ex.time,ex.vname,"
" ex.arguments,ot.type,et.type from eventlist as ex "
"left join event_eventtypes as et on "
" ex.eventtype=et.idx "
......@@ -397,14 +421,13 @@ get_static_events(event_handle_t handle)
" ex.objecttype=ot.idx "
"where'%s' and ex.eid='%s' "
"order by ex.time ASC",
7, pid, eid);
6, pid, eid);
#define EXIDX row[0]
#define EXTIME row[1]
#define EXVNODE row[2]
#define OBJNAME row[3]
#define EXARGS row[4]
#define OBJTYPE row[5]
#define EVTTYPE row[6]
#define OBJNAME row[2]
#define EXARGS row[3]
#define OBJTYPE row[4]
#define EVTTYPE row[5]
if (!res) {
error("getting static event list for %s/%s", pid, eid);
......@@ -458,8 +481,8 @@ get_static_events(event_handle_t handle)
tuple->eventtype = EVTTYPE;
if (debug)
info("%8s %10s %10s %10s %10s %10s %10s\n",
info("%8s %10s %10s %10s %10s %10s\n",
EVTTYPE, agents[adx].ipaddr,
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