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Brief list of steps taken to create dedicated tip server.

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No big deal creating the tip server.
1. Load the new 4.3 image, and then neuter the tmcd/tmcc stuff. Give
it a fixed IP address (turn off DHCP).
2. Put in testbed /etc/group file (since we are going to run
console_setup.proxy from paper), but a tbadmins only password file
since mere users will not be able to log in.
3. Mount on /users (in /etc/fstab).
4. Create new filesystem for /usr/testbed and mount it (in /etc/fstab).
5. Install testbed software using new "gmake tipserv-install" target.
6. Edit /etc/rc.local to start up the /usr/site/etc/capture.rc file.
7. Create /usr/site/etc/capture.rc.
8. Symlink /var/log/tiplogs to /usr/testbed/log/tiplogs.
9. Edit /etc/syslog.conf:
*.* /usr/testbed/log/capture.log
Must "touch" the log file so it exists.
10. Create /dev entries for cyclades with
11. Edit /etc/remote as needed.
12. Edit /usr/site/etc/capture.rc as needed.
13. Make sure DB tiplines table reflects the node names/locations.
Should be entries like:
INSERT INTO tiplines VALUES ('pc109','',0,0,'');
14. Create symlinks on plastic to NFS mounted directories on the
tipserver. eg:
plastic:/dev/tip/pc109.acl -->
plastic:/var/log/tiplogs/ -->
plastic:/var/log/tiplogs/pc109.log -->
Use amd on plastic for this since we don't hard mount cross deps.
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