Commit 312b5019 authored by Jonathon Duerig's avatar Jonathon Duerig
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Bugfix: Fix stitchport URN generation when the interface contains colons.

parent f7ef98f5
......@@ -2950,9 +2950,9 @@ sub print_stitch_port
my ($node, $iface_urn, $remote_iface_urn, $capacity,
$vlans, $vlan_will_translate) = @_;
my (undef, undef, $iface) = GeniHRN::ParseInterface($iface_urn);
my (undef, undef, $iface) = GeniHRN::Parse($iface_urn);
my $port_urn = GeniHRN::Generate($OURDOMAIN, "stitchport",
$node . "//" . $iface);
my $vlan_translate = "false";
if ($vlan_will_translate) {
$vlan_translate = "true";
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