Commit 1c47bf72 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor fix to ensure that we use the correct vname for internally added

hosts (as for XEN phys hosts). This was never a problem, until we got a
cluster with super long node names.
parent 8c523a43
......@@ -7121,7 +7121,7 @@ sub InitializePhysNode($$$)
my ($self, $pnodename, $role, $vnodename) = @_;
my $pnode = $self->pnodes()->{$pnodename};
$self->printdb("InitPnode: $pnodename,$vnodename\n");
$self->printdb("InitPnode: $pnodename,$role,$vnodename\n");
# If this is a node in the topology (in the vnodes() array) then
# there must be a virtual physical node (which might be the same
......@@ -9522,8 +9522,11 @@ sub newvname($$$)
if (exists($self->current_v2v->{$vname}));
return $vname
if ($pnodename eq $self->current_v2p->{$vname});
if ($pnodename eq $self->current_v2p->{$vname}) {
return $vname
if ($pnodename ne $vname);
while (1) {
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