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Add an item for adding an option to deal with skipping space outside of

any partition or slice.
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......@@ -25,3 +25,24 @@ Things to do for image*:
6. Create a "signature" file for an image using a collision-resistant hash
like MD5 or SHA-1. See TODO.hash for more.
7. Add an option to exclude (skip) disk blocks outside of any DOS partition.
By default, we want to include these blocks in the image since some
systems stash magic info this way IBM laptops for instance). But in
some cases we want to ignore it. Since the MBR often falls in the
outside-of-any-partition catagory (e.g., DOS partition 1 starting at
sector 63, aka cylinder 1), we may need to further break this down into
"before first part", "between parts", "after last part". Also need an
option to exclude space outside a filesystem but inside a DOS partition
(e.g., when creating a small filesystem in a large partition). This is
highly dependent on the filesystem type, but presumably we can easily
detect space beyond the end of the FS. "Before the start" probably
doesn't make sense for most filesystems. Hmm...for FFS we can detect
space outside a BSD partition in addition to space beyond the end of
a filesystem but inside the BSD partition. Yuk! Maybe we keep it
simple and have a single option and just treat things like the MBR
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