Commit 00b7502e authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Fix a really old bug - a long time ago, Mac made a change to this

script to avoid vis-ing parents of subnodes (ie. to avoid vis-ing
the PC hosting an IXP.) However, this was preventing us from vis-ing
fixed nodes at all.
parent de6cbd30
......@@ -149,27 +149,31 @@ my $fixednodes = ();
# all virt_nodes are visualizer nodes of type "node"
while (my ($vname,$fixed) = $result->fetchrow) {
dprint "node $vname $fixed\t";
if (!defined($fixednodes{$vname})) {
# This node is not a parent node, so we can add it
$nodes{$vname}{"type"} = "node";
dprint "added nodes($vname)\t";
} else {
dprint "$vname is a fixed host!\t";
$nodes{$vname}{"type"} = "node";
dprint "added nodes($vname)\t";
if (defined($fixed) && $fixed ne "") {
# $vname is a subnode of $fixed, so we don't want
# to viz any vnames named $fixed
dprint "adding fixed($fixed)\t";
$fixednodes{$fixed} = $vname;
if (defined($nodes{$fixed})) {
# Remove the node if it is already there
delete $nodes{$fixed};
dprint "rm nodes($fixed)\t";
$fixednodes{$vname} = $fixed;
dprint "\n";
# make another pass, removing parent nodes of subnodes
foreach my $fixednode (keys %fixednodes) {
my $fixedto = $fixednodes{$fixednode};
if ($fixedto eq $fixednode) {
# ignore nodes that are fixed in place to themselves
# if $fixednode is $fixedto some other node in the topology, don't
# vis the partent
if (exists $nodes{$fixedto}) {
delete $nodes{$fixedto};
# read lans
$result = DBQueryWarn("SELECT vname, member FROM virt_lans " .
......@@ -455,6 +459,7 @@ for ($attempt = 0; $attempt < 16; $attempt++) {
# the render finishes, which is quite possible on giant experiments.
if (!defined $bestOverlaps || $overlaps < $bestOverlaps) {
dprint "Saving config\n";
$bestOverlaps = $overlaps;
# We have to lock the table so as not to cause grief to someone
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