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    Minor change to linkdelays to join with veth_interfaces (in addition · ff7a781f
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    to interfaces) so that we return the MAC of the virtual interface not
    the physical interface.  I do not much like this arrangement.  We
    store veth interfaces in another dynamic table, so must join with both
    interfaces and veth_interfaces to see which iface each linkdelay
    corresponds to. If there is a veth entry use that, else use the normal
    interfaces entry. Maybe we should use the regular interfaces table,
    with type veth, entries added/deleted on the fly. I avoided that cause
    I view the interfaces table as static and pertaining to physical
    interfaces only, but the current arrangement does not scale well
    (although if it only ever has to scale to veth_interfaces, so be it).