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    Image handling changes: · fe8cc493
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. The primary change is to the Create Image modal; we now allow users
       to optionally specify a description for the image. This needed to be
       plumbed through all the way to the GeniCM CreateImage() API. Since
       the modal is getting kinda overloaded, I rearranged things a bit and
       changed the argument checking and error handling. I think this is the
       limit of what we want to do on this modal, need a better UI in the
    2. Of course, if we let users set descriptions, lets show them on the
       image listing page. While I was there, I made the list look more like
       the classic image list; show the image name and project, and put the
       URN in a tooltip, since in general the URN is noisy to look at.
    3. And while I was messing with the image listing, I noticed that we
       were not deleting profiles like we said we would. The problem is that
       when we form the image list, we know the profile versions that can be
       deleted, but when the user actually clicks to delete, I was trying to
       regen that decision, but without asking the cluster for the info
       again. So instead, just pass through the version list from the web
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