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    <cdrom> is the CD-ROM filesystem that winds up in the .iso · f90deda0
    Mike Hibler authored
    <image> is the disk filesystem that winds up imagezipped
            (pc16's disk)
    <floppy> is the floppy image for the CD-ROM
            Add "-c 16" to mount_mfs commands to get rid of warning message.
            Added "showprogress" which, when set, will do more verbose
            output from wget and imageunzip.  Added more "be patient" messages,
            they now use a common string.  Warn about kernel messages when
            creating tmp filesystem.  Use installed emulab.net, not Leigh's
            development tree.  Get "Dance with Netbed" prompt off same line
            as "starting local daemons..."
            Change WhichRawDisk to use non-'r' special files, there is no
            distinct raw device interface anymore.  Also add ATAPI RAID to
            the list to try.  Default netmask to
            Split-off initial install path some so that we can introduce
            prompts which don't time out (like, "are you sure you want to
            do this?").  rawbootdisk becomes netbed_disk in the rc.conf.local,
            also add and writeout netbsd_IP for use in the register.pl
            script (which doesn't use it yet).
            Change "remote peers" (servers) to utah.ron and mit.ron
            Cleaned out logfiles and other cruft.  Logfiles had a little too
            much info in them for my tastes (hostnames, IPs, users...)
            Fixed "Aborted" error message
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