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    Modernize elabinelab and Emulab install support a bit. · f7e53243
    Mike Hibler authored
    Support FreeBSD 10.3. We will need to be moving to this before long
    as 10.2 EOLs in two days.
    Support setup of "Emulab-aware" ZFS use in install scripts. Note that
    the core support code was already done (WITHZFS, WITHAMD). Mostly this
    involves changes to setup either amd (WITHAMD==1) or autofs (WITHAMD==0)
    on the boss node and to NOT add mounts of /{users,groups,proj} to
    /etc/fstab. We still need to add a section to the install documentation
    about setting up a zpool for Emulab to use. There was also a fix to the
    firstuser script which did not do the account setup correctly.
    Support setup of ZFS in elabinelab. The elabinelab attributes CONFIG_ZFS
    and CONFIG_AUTOFS are used to convey intent here. Currently they can only
    be used in an "ops+fs" config (e.g., the standard boss and ops config,
    NOT the seperate fs node config). It should work with either the physical
    or virtual node setups:
    * For the physical node setup, we actually use local blockstores ...