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    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Changed the linktest web page to allow for killing a running
      linktest when called from the showexp page. Puts up a simple Click
      form, whose action is to call "linktest_control -k" which does the
      dirty work.
    * Implement a simple frameset when running linktest. I did this cause
      it was something new and besides, it was more fun then trying to
      reverse engineer the modelnet model file. Anyway, when linktest is
      started, put up a new window that has a two window frameset. The
      right hand window is just the spew output from linktest as it runs
      (although with buffering not much turns up at first). The left side
      window has a single click box to stop the running linktest, whose
      action is to call linktest_control -k as above. By the magic of
      javascript, when the linktest finishes, the stop button is removed
      and replaced with a "Linktest Finished" message. So exciting.
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