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    Timothy Stack authored
    Made a pass over tar file related things:
    	* os/install-tarfile: Added support for bzip2 compressed files and
    	fixed the '.tgz' regex (it detected '.tar.tgz' before).  Also
    	binmode'd some file handles to squelch a warning on Redhat 9.
    	* tbsetup/fetchtar.proxy.in: Added 'https' as a valid protocol for
    	URLs and 'tar.bz2' as a valid extension.  Changed the wget call to
    	do 'timestamping', which means it should only download files that
    	have changed since the last download.
    	* tbsetup/tarfiles_setup.in: More 'https' and '.tar.bz2' stuff.
    	When downloading tarballs, copy the file name extension from the
    	URL onto the local file name so 'install-tarfile' can figure out
    	how to decompress it properly.
    	* tbsetup/ns2ir/tb_compat.tcl.in: Added a bunch of checks to the
    	tb-set-node-tarfiles function.
    	* www/faq.html, www/tutorial/nscommands.html,
    	www/tutorial/tutorial.html: Flesh out and clean up tarfile related
    	documentation.  Also added anchors for the individual functions so
    	you can link to them from other pages.
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