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    Last part of the recent widearea changes. Now that widearea nodes are · eb6c576c
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    reporting in isalive status, and since we are returning a "need to
    update" flag in the message, and since we are now initiating widearea
    account updates by setting the flag for each node, and since tmcd
    decrements that flag when the node picks up accounts, it is a simple
    matter to do update for remote nodes! Simply, bump the flag in this
    script, and then wait a little while to see whose flag does not change
    back! Report those in the email message. Works very slick.
    This mechanism is going to be generalized some to handle other kinds
    of updates. Either via the isalive return value, or via a specialized
    TMCD call to return the list of things that need to be updated. The
    next most needed update mechanism we need is for the testbed software,
    followed closely by user software.