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    Changes for Keith to develop the new profile picker: · eafff053
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. Instead of a plain list of profiles, generate a more detailed list that
       includes last used and usage counts and project name and favorite flag,
       so that the new picker can be sorted/grouped.
       This list is *ordered* by most recent usage (if a real user), or most
       popular (if a guest). 
    2. Move the modal from quickvm_sup to the template, and generate the
       current list from the new json info.
    3. Add new table apt_profile_favorites to record favorite profiles for
    4. Add new ajax calls for above, MarkFavorite and ClearFavorite that take a
       single argument, the uuid of the profile. There is no UI for this, Keith
       is going to add that.
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