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    Add per-experiment switch support. · ea496d44
    David Johnson authored
    Per-experiment switch stacks only come into being if the experiment
    actually has a switch allocated to it.  If not, tbswap and snmpit
    should function unchanged.  If there is a per-experiment stack that needs
    configuration, we first invoke normal snmpit in the normal place, but we
    use the new snmpit option `--skip-supplied' in combination with -S to skip
    the per-experiment stack.  We then configure the per-experiment stack by
    itself with -S after os_setup has completed.
    There are some new functions in the db backend stuff to create, modify,
    and remove per-experiment switches.
    There is some new code in snmpit to do the --skip-supplied filtering.  I
    also put all the -S, -i, and --skip-supplied stuff into portstats...
    because we also can't call portstats on a per-experiment switch in tbswap;
    otherwise it will hang and/or fail.
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