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    Add support for pre-reserving nodes. New link off the ShowNode page · e49e2f9a
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    allows takes you to new (admin only) page to select a project that
    node will be reserved for.
    * The node is not actually *reserved*, it is *pre* reserved! The node
      stays in the free pool, and is available only for use in the project
      to which it is reserved.
    * The node can already be reserved to some other project when you
      pre-reserve it. It is not until the current owner releases the node
      that the pre-reservation takes effect.
    * The node free counts (on the web pages) count a free a node with a
      pre-reservation, as allocated. This way people do not see a free
      count that includes a node they will never be able to get.