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    Minor additions for Shashi: · def28c32
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Make the NS file an optional argument to swapexp modify; when not
      given the prerun phase is skipped. Instead, go directly to tbswap
      (run assign, etc).
    * Add NSESWAP event so that Shashi can fire off the above modify using
      tevc from an experimental node.
    	tevc -e pid/eid now ns nseswap
    * Change event scheduler to react to above event, and fire off:
    	nseswap pid eid
      as the user. The script should do its thing, and *exec* swapexp with
      the proper args as quickly as possible (so that the event scheduler
      is not hung up for too long. The script is invoked as the user,
      since the event scheduler is running as the user.
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