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    Support newer HP 5400zl firmware versions in libosload_switch. · db93beed
    David Johnson authored
    First, firmwares are bigger and take longer to write, so bump the TFTP
    load timeout to 5 minutes instead of 2.
    Second, newer HP firmwares won't let you load unsigned firmware images
    into flash, unless you specify a special param in your flash command.
    Unfortunately, older firmwares don't support that param.  So we just use
    trial and error to figure out if a switch has it or not, and we always
    are willing to flash unsigned firmwares... just have to trust, because
    we have no way of knowing which version should be signed, or how to tell
    which version a particular blob is.  At least not that I know of, not
    that I looked hard.
    Finally, our expect-based interface has to be a bit more flexible
    with some of the regexps it looks for.
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