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    Kill off all of the old osid handling that nfree did. When a node is · d8dbe6ff
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    released, all of def_boot_osid,temp_boot_osid,next_boot_osid is cleared.
    bootinfo currently uses the nodes free/alloc status to determine if the
    node gets PXEWAIT, but will eventually switch to looking at the osids;
    A node with no osids set (as will be when free) will go into PXEWAIT. This
    will allow os_load of free nodes!
    Change temporary locked pid/eid to a real pid/eid (emulab-ops/nfree-locked)
    to avoid transient problems in tmcd, where isalive would cause tmcd to
    core dump cause the reserved table had a nonexistent pid/eid setting.
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