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    Fix a bug that's over 10 years old · d7fb737d
    Robert Ricci authored
    I think this must get the award for oldest (frequently excercised) bug
    in the Emulab source. Thanks to the magic of the git pickaxe, I
    discovered that code with this problem was first committed Monday, May
    22, 2000, when it used to be in assign_hw/assign.cc
    assign used to use a priority queue to 'randomly' select unassigned
    nodes to try assigning. Turns out this is not very random! A node can
    get unlucky, get a very low random priority assigned to it, and get
    stuck in the queue for a very, very, very long time. As a result, I've
    seen assign try to re-assign the same node several thousand times in a
    row, when there are others waiting to be re-assigned. Of course, this is
    going to result in very poor exploration of the state space.
    I changed the unassigned node selection process to use a regular list,
    and select an item from the list at random at the time of item removal.
    This gets a much more even distribution of nodes, at the small cost of
    linear iteration over the list of unassigned nodes.  This should be a
    pretty minor cost, though, as iteration over this list should be cheap
    and the list itself should generally be pretty small.
    Also added some debugging statements.
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