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    Widearea permission changes: · d3c6f9c8
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Two new fields on the new project page that ask the project leader to
      specify how many ron and pcplab nodes they need. There is a link to a
      page that should describe these nodes, but thats blank.
    * The project approval page will add a couple of checkboxes for ron and
      pcplab nodes. This will allow the project to be approved independent of
      the ron/pcplab usage. So, you can approve the project but decline the
      request to use those nodes types (or just one of them).
    * The project table in the DB has a "list" of remote node types for which
      accounts should be built. Its implemented as a set and it can contain
      just two node types (pcron, pcplab) right now. The set is created in
      the approval page, and someday we can add a page to operate on that
      set directly if we need it.