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    Kirk Webb authored
    Here we have the Linux delaysetup startup script - first revision.  This
    uses iproute2+tc, modprobe, and iptables to setup traffic shaping.
    A few notes are warranted:
    1) [g]red is not yet supported
       - need to make these modules classful in the kernel first
    2) sysctls are used here to up the amount of buffer space available for
       sk_bufs (socket buffers).  Couldn't see a place to do this in the kernel
    3) Only linkdelay support is implemented
       - probably could add normal delay-node support without too much trouble.
    4) reverse pipe numbers are (currently) ignored
       - not needed since the IMQ device used to shape incoming traffic
         is distinct from the actual interface - no namespace collision.
    5) Kernel selection is similar to FBSD: check running kernel, and reboot
       if the kernel version isn't what we expect (have to rerun lilo too)