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    Attempt to auto-configure NTP for server machines at install time. · cd4a03a5
    Mike Hibler authored
    The template configurations in the new ntpd subdir also address the
    recent NTP amplification attacks that have been going on recently.
    NTP configuration is controlled by a few defs-* variables:
    NTPSERVER: boss|ops|fs|<external-server-name-or-IP>
      Default: "ops"
      Normally, one of boss, ops, or fs is designated as a local NTP server
      but this can be set to a fully qualified name of some other machine.
      If NTPSERVER is set to an external server, then boss/ops/fs are made
      clients of that server just as any testbed node is.
    EXTERNAL_NTPSERVER[1-4]: <external-server-name-or-IP>
      Default: "[0-3].pool.ntp.org"
      If NTPSERVER is one of boss/ops/fs, then these values are used as the
      upstream servers for the local server. These can be changed to four of
      your favorite NTP servers.
    NTPDRIFTFILE: <path>
      Default: "/var/db/ntp.drift"
      If NTPSERVER is one of boss/ops/fs, then this is the name of the drift
      file for the local server.