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    Uniform syslog'ing. Change everything I could find to use a syslog facility · cc6d6fa7
    Mike Hibler authored
    as defined in the defs-* file (e.g. "TBLOGFACIL=local2").  The default is
    "local5" which is what we are setup to use so you shouldn't need to mess
    with your defs- file!
    perl scripts just get this value configured in when configure is run.
    C programs get the value in two ways.  For programs that are intimate with
    the testbed infrastructure, and include "config.h", they just get it from
    that file.  For programs that we sometimes use outside the Emulab build
    environment (e.g., frisbee, capture) and that don't include config.h,
    the value is set via a "-DLOG_TESTBED=..." in the GNUmakefile build line.
    If the value isn't set, it defaults to what it used to be (usually LOG_USER).
    Still to do: healthd, hmcd (whose build doesn't seem to be completely
    integrated) and (since its icky python :-)