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    This is the multiple links update. · 4b07b9df
    Christopher Alfeld authored
    Links can now be named:
    set link1 [$ns duplex-link $node0 $node1 100Mb 100ms DropTail]
    tb-set-link-loss can now either be
    tb-set-link-loss $node0 $node1 0.05
    tb-set-link-loss $node0 $link1 0.05
    There is a new command, tb-set-ip-link:
    tb-set-ip-link $node0 $link0
    and tb-set-ip-lan:
    tb-set-ip-lan $node $mylan
    WARNING: We are no longer backwards compatible with the old tb command
    syntax.  The old syntax does not support any of the new changes and will
    break when #TB set-lan-loss or #TB set-ip-interface is used.