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    More work on the framework for running the monitor and stub · c8bbc432
    Robert Ricci authored
    Now automatically determines the number of peers in the experiment.
    run-monitor-libnetmon.sh automatically generates the IP mapping file
    Auto-create /local/logs if it doesn't exist (it doesn't on our
    devbox image)
    Add two new 'auto' scripts - these are intended to be run as part
    of the automatic experiments. They properly wait for the stubs
    to start before starting the monitors, etc. They log the outputs
    of the stub and monitor to /local/logs, where loghole can pick
    them up. They also kill their children if they are killed (to be
    used with the program agent)
    The auto-* scripts need a little more work in term of properly waiting
    for their children to exit.
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