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    Changes to repo based profiles: · c40bf355
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Respect default branch at the origin; gitlab/guthub allows you to set
      the default branch on repo, which we ignoring, always using master.
      Now, we ask the remote for the default branch when we clone/update the
      repo and set that locally.
      Like gitlab/guthub, mark the default branch in the branchlist with a
      "default" badge so the user knows.
    * Changes to the timer that is asking if the repohash has changed (via a
      push hook), this has a race in it, and I have solved part of it. It is
      not a serious problem, just a UI annoyance I am working on
      fixing. Added a cheesy mechanism to make sure the timer is not running
      at the same time the user clicks on Update().
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