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    This started out as a simple change to turn the datastore into a CVS · c1cff09b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    sandbox, and that I did. It falls back to the older archive when
    the template is older then CVS repos.
    But along the way I got annoyed with the fact that template instantiation
    does not provide a logfile to the web interface. The reason is that
    the current logfile stuff is very experiment centric; there has to be an
    experiment and an attached logfile. An instance does not have an experiment
    until really late in the game so the code was just not bothering.
    Anyway, I've started to generalize the logfile stuff with a new table
    and the approach that a logfile is named by a random key, and if you
    know the key you can look at the logfile in the web (since without an
    experiment it is hard to do permission checks unless we make logfiles
    uid/gid owned, and I did not want to do that.