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    And finally, all those groups changes I've been whining and yammering · c13d27c3
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    and complaining about this week.
    1. editgroup: You can now edit the trust levels for existing group
       members (default group too), and you can specify trust levels when
       adding users to subgroups.
    2. approveusers: When approving users in the approval page, you can
       specify different levels of trust. Before, I invisibly set all the
       trust values the same. I also added some ordering to the DB query
       to group users together.
    3. I added a great deal of error checking to the processing pages for
       both forms. I split things up into a pre/post pass. The prepass
       goes through all of the form args and checks them for consistency
       and correctness. Nothing is changed in the DB unless all checks
       pass for all args. Then I do a second pass and make the changes.
       Both scripts set the ignore_user_abort() flag to prevent the user
       from stopping the script and causing a DB inconsistency.
    4. Added trust consistency checks as well. Rather than allow the
       project or group leader to set inconsistent trust levels, I look
       for those and just plain disallow them. You may not give different
       trust levels in different subgroups of the *same* project, and you
       may not give a user a higher trust level in the default group than
       in the subgroups. Both edit and approve make these checks, and the
       code is absolutely awful.
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