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    Some changes to how log files are handled; this too way too long to · c01f7b3e
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    The original operation was to save up every log file forever in the
    work directory, and copy that out to both the user directory and the
    info directory (long term archive). When I cleaned /proj on ops
    yesterday of all this old cruft, I recoved 17GB of disk space. Yow!
    So, the new operation is:
    * Only files that end in .log are copied to the user directory. No
      longer copying out .top, .ptop, and a couple of other logs; 99% of
      users never look at these things. We still have them available to us
      though, on boss.
    * At the beginning of each swap operation, clean out the work
      directory of all the old log files. These are named a variety of
      ways, so I use some pattern patches to do this.
    * Jigger the names a little so that we do not name things in the form
      "$$.log", to avoid copying out different named files to the user
      directory each time; instead link the .log file to the real output
      file so that it gets overwritten each time, while still getting the
      per-swap files for long term storage.