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    Add reverse DNS lookup for the jail network. · bee73f22
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    The GPO wants this for the protogeni racks. We now build reverse
    map files for the 172.16 subnet, although we do it on a /16 boundry
    to avoid a zillion zone files.
    I am not planning to write an update script for this, since it would
    require scripting changes to named.conf, which I am loath to do. So I
    will do it by hand in Utah, and new sites (racks) will get it. If a
    site wants it:
    	boss> cd obj/named
    Copy all of the 172 files to /etc/named/reverse
    Copy all of the 172 zone entries from named.conf to /etc/named/named.conf
    	boss> named_setup
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