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    First cut at supporting RON (or more generally, remote nodes). · bd587829
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * tmcd/ron: A new directory of client code, based on the freebsd
      client code, but scaled back to the bare minimum. Does only account
      and group file maintenance. I redid the account stuff so that only
      emulab accounts are operated on. Does not require a stub file, but
      instead keeps a couple of local dbm files recording what groups and
      accounts were added by Emulab. There is a ton of paranoia checking
      to make sure that local accounts are not touched.
      The update script that runs on the client node detaches so that the
      ssh from boss returns immediately. update can also be run from the
      node periodically and at boottime. The script is installed setuid
      root, but checks to make sure that *only* root or "emulabman" has
      invoked it.
    * utils/sshremote: New file. For remote nodes, instead of using sshtb,
      use sshremote, which ssh's in as "emulabman", which needs to be a
      local non-root user, but with an authorized_keys file containing
      boss' public key.
    * web interface changes: Allow user to specify his own public key in
      addition to the emulab key.
      Add option in showexp page to update accounts on nodes in the
      experiment. I was originally intending to do this from approveuser,
      but this was easier and faster. I will add an option to do it on the
      approveuser page later.
    * Add a TBIsNodeRemote() query to see if a node is in the
      local testbed or a pcRemote node. Currently, this test is hardwired
      to a check for class=pcRemote, but this will need to change to a
      node_types property at some point.
    * node_update: Reorg so that there is a maximum number of children
      created. Previously, a child was forked for each node, but that
      could chew up too many processes, especially for remote nodes which
      might hang up. For the same reason, we need to "lock" the experiment
      so that it cannot be terminated while a node_update is in progress.
      Might be to relax that, but this was easy for now. Also add
      distinction between local and remote, since for remote we use
      sshremote insted of sshtb. Various cleanup stuff
    * mkacct; When generating a new account, include user supplied pub key
      in the authorized keys file, in addition to the eumlab generated
      key. Both keys are stored in the DB in the users table. Anytime we
      update an account, get a fresh copy of the emulab pub key, in case
      user changes it.