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    1.275: Add timed-based mapping table for generic OSIDs. This augments the · bb56a192
    Mike Hibler authored
           nextosid mechinism of 1.114 making it possible to map a generic *-STD
           OSID based on the time in which an experiment is created.  This
           provides backward compatibility for old experiments when the standard
           images are changed.
           The osid_map table lookup is triggered when the value of the nextosid
           field is set to 'MAP:osid_map'.  The nextosid also continues to behave
           as before: if it contains a valid osid, that OSID value is used to map
           independent of the experiment creation time.  The two styles can also
           be mixed, for example FBSD-JAIL has a nextosid of FBSD-STD which in
           turn is looked up and redirects to the osid_map and selects one of
           FBSD47-STD or FBSD410-STD depending on the time.
    	CREATE TABLE osid_map (
    	  osid varchar(35) NOT NULL default '',
    	  btime datetime NOT NULL default '1000-01-01 00:00:00',
    	  etime datetime NOT NULL default '9999-12-31 23:59:...
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