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    Big cleanup of GeniComponent stuff. Moved Resolve() into GeniComponent · b63cb055
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    since it has to be aware of the CM version. Add a Version() call to
    GeniAuthority with goes asks the CM what version it is exporting.
    Based on that, we know how to do a resolve of a component. Refactored
    the code that was used in GeniAggregate when creating tunnels, since
    that is where we have to Resolve components. This also turns up in
    cooked mode.
    Continuine moving towards a urn-only world. If a GeniAuthority or a
    GeniComponent does not have the URN set locally in the DB, go back to
    the clearinghouse and get it. Error if it is not known, and go bang on
    the remote site to update and rerun register_resources.