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    Prepare for the coming of MBR version 3. · b4fdf8e0
    Mike Hibler authored
    Ironic. After all that hoo-haw about dynamically-created MBRs in the
    previous commit, we introduce a new hardcoded static MBR...
     * Single OS partition, in the fast area of rotating disks
     * Proper alignment for 4k sector drives and SSDs (1MB alignment)
     * Still works on 40GB disk (aka, pc850s)
     * P1 16 GiB: goldilocks FS: not too small (> 10GB), but not too big (< 30GB)
     * P2  3 GiB: can hold a co-loaded MBR 1 image (e.g., FBSD410 delay node OS)
     * P3  3 GiB: at least as much swap at currently (>= 1GB)
    The partition table:
      P1:     2048	33554432	FS, 16GiB
      P2: 33556480	 6291456	possible delay-node OS or additional swap, 3GiB
      P3: 39847936	 6291456	swap, 3GiB
      P4: 46139392	34278848+	extrafs, 16+GB
    The larger size and partition alignment are why I pushed this through despite
    my noble intentions.
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