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    Redo run_linktest.pl so that it is okay to run on boss/ops. Note that · b4480193
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    I am not using paperbag to run it on ops, but just installing the two
    programs that are needed. Eventually should paperbag it.
    This same script runs on both boss/ops and on experimental nodes to
    fire off the linktest daemon on the nodes and wait. This is icky as
    some crufty stuff has to be done so that it will run in both
    environments. ltevent is of course not needed on boss, but do not want
    to bother it now since it *is* needed on the nodes.
    To run it on boss script needed severe cleanup and taint checking.
    Also added the use of event keyfile, which is currently optional, but
    needs to be mandatory once the images are updated.
    The current problem is that run_linktest can hang waiting for the
    clients to finish?. We can use quick mode in the experiment setup
    path, but maybe we need a cancel operation?