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    Convert the usage box at the top from an iframe to an inline table so that · b3210aa7
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    it can be actively clicked and toggled between the short status view and
    the long freenode view. There was no way to do this when it was an iframe,
    and the upside of not using an iframe is that iframes often mess up rendering
    and cause many cross-browser problems.
    Since its not an iframe, I have to hook into the Sajax stuff even on
    pages that already use Sajax, and I want to go to a different URL then
    the current page (want to use currentusage.php3). So I tweaked the Sajax
    stuff a bit, and roll out some inline sajax code in PAGEFOOTER().
    Also, at Rob's request I added a cookie to remember the state of the
    user's choice so that subsequent page loads get the same view. This
    is done with an inline cookie in the javascript (document.cookies).
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