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    Split out the widearea code, and rework. Added new option, -r, which · b2fd3333
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    says to include widearea physnodes, with the types set to those listed
    in the node_auxtypes table. Those types will include the last mile
    types that a vnode on a pnode can take on. The :count value for the
    types is set to the min of the number of *free* vnodes on the pnode,
    and the virtnode_capacity in the node_types table. Obviously, if all
    the vnodes are allocated, the physnode will not appear in the ptop
    file. For plab, virtnode_capacity will get set to one in the
    node_types table, thereby preventing "revisitation" of a plab physnode
    in an experiment.
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