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    A couple of little tweaks to deal with slow login: · b2c05d9c
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. Change initial query in instantiate.php to ask for just the few
       fields we need. Profiles have rspecs and scripts, and that is a lot
       of data to return, given that the average user has access to 300+
       profiles cause of all the ones marked public.
       But in general, there is a lot going on in instantiate.php, which is
       where most users are redirected to after login, and that causes a lot
       of delay.
    2. The MotherShip uses ZFS_NOEXPORT, so when logging in we have to see
       if we have to run exports_setup. exports_setup can take anywhere from
       5-25 seconds. The login path was forcing this once a day, but in fact
       exports_setup is using a week, so lets change the test to match that.
    3. Show a soothing modal after pressing the login button to keep the
       natives happy.
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