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    Another bug fix. The newly added $ns ip-connect instproc had a bug. The · b113d029
    Shashi Guruprasad authored
    code originally tried to do a normal $ns connect between traffic agents
    attached to simnodes on the same pnode. The problem that I forgot of course
    is that partitioned topology is quite disconnected which means that a
    packet is forced to exit the pnode and come back to it (in many cases).
    In other words, a direct intra pnode path does not exist. The fix is
    to just use the IP address based routes always. A similar problem
    is encountered in pdns as well. However, since IP address based routing
    is not used, there is no simple fix unless I work on it!
    The 416 node topology testbed/nse416 is working alright. It mapped to
    20 pnodes and as soon as a whole bunch of traffic started up, 7 pnodes
    couldn't track real-time and caused a modify. Expt modify happened 3
    times but eventually max_retries in my re-swapping code was reached. Need
    more measuring, tuning as well as eventrate based re-swapping.
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