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    Kirk takes the weed whacker to the plab code. This is the first pass result. · ae2eec76
    Kirk Webb authored
    I'll come along for a closer cut in the future.
    * Modularized the plab communications 'adaptor' interface and moved the
      dslice- and PLC-specific code into their own modules.
    * Wrote an API definition README
    * Separated out generic routines from libplab into their own library modules
      ( and
    Functionally, not much has changed - this was just a massive re-org with some
    other cleanup.  Should be much easier to code up new PLAB interfaces as the
    plab folks flail around in their attempt to standardize on something.
    XXX: may want to re-think where the generic library modules should go.  If
    more python code enters Elab, we'll probably want to move 'em to more standard
    This isn't the end of the cleanup - I would eventually like to go back and
    rethink the class structures, beef up the comments, and extend the API.