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    Checkpoint changes to the Archive code. · aca4f452
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Add support for linking to the NS file that will be used, from the
      begin experiment page, when duplicating or branching an experiment.
      Ultimately we want to separate things so that user can first edit
      the NS file and then proceed to branching.
    * In discussion we agreed to use the convention that a directory called
      "archive" in experiment directory, will always be saved and restored.
      This has been implemented.
    * Add more of the support for branching an experiment (the archive).
      Batchexp takes a couple of new arguments:
    	-c pid,eid[:tag]  or
    	-c exptidx[:tag]
      The above specifies what and where to duplicate or branch. Simply
      giving pid,eid does not use the archive, but just copies right out
      of the existing experiment directory.
      Adding the -b option says to branch instead of duplicate.
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